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KOAR Partners

Images and information provided by other institutions and private collectors have made the Kentucky Online Arts Resource a broader and more accurate record of Kentucky's artistic heritage. As KOAR grows, look here for the names and contact information of participating institutions. The Museum thanks these KOAR Partners, both public and anonymous, for their commitment to preserving the state's artistic legacy.

The Brennan House Historic Home and Gardens / Preservation Louisville, Inc.
    631 South Fifth Street
    Louisville, Kentucky 40202
    502.540.5145 / 502.540.5146

Farmington Historic Plantation
    3033 Bardstown Road
    Louisville, Kentucky 40205

The Filson Historical Society
    1310 South Third Street
    Louisville, Kentucky 40208

Garth's Auctions
    2690 Stratford Road
    Delaware, Ohio 43015

Harlan Hubbard Image Collection
    Lucille Caudill Little Fine Arts Library
    University of Kentucky
    160 Patterson Drive
    Lexington, Kentucky 40506

Historic Locust Grove
    561 Blankenbaker Lane
    Louisville, Kentucky 40207

Kentucky Historical Society
    100 West Broadway
    Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

Liberty Hall Historic Site
    202 Wilkinson Street
    Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
    502.227.2560 / 888.516.5101

The Little Loomhouse / The Lou Tate Foundation, Inc.
    328 Kenwood Hill Road
    Louisville, Kentucky 40214

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